Songs in movies/TV


Miles to go before I sleep

Pete Droge did the musical score for this made for Showtime documentary directed by Sam Jones. I was his executive music producer on the project. It first aired on June 24th, 2016 as a companion piece to go with Cameron Crow's new show Roadies.


iZombie (2015)

I don't know what it is with our Droge & Summers' Blend songs and zombie movies - but I ain't complaining. The song "Wonder" from the D&S Blend V2 will be in the pilot of the new show iZombie that airs on March 17, 2015 on the CW Network.


Nashville on ABC

Pete Droge and I co-wrote this song "Beautiful Lie" with Jaime Wyatt a little while back. This version, performed by Jamie's current ensemble, Calico the Band is in the Season 2, Episode 12 on Jan 22, 2014. Hear the song/Buy the song


Legit on FX

The Droge and Summers' song "Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows" was in the April 2013 episode called "Misunderstood" on the FX channel.



The Droge & Summers' Blend, Vol 1 song "Sad Clown" is in the ABC show CASTLE, Feb 27, 2012.


A lot Like You -Score

The companion music of the Documentary, A lot Like You. A collection of score and song. I was Executive Music Producer for the film and Co-Producer on the Album by Pete Droge. (2011) See the Trailer



"Two of the Lucky Ones" from the Droge & Summers Blend, Vol 1 was featured in a touching scene in the 2009 Zombie movie starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg. All of the songs on Vol. 1 are co-written with Pete. If you would like to buy the song you can visit



The Movie Bonneville, which came out on Feb 29, 2008 featured the song "Under the Waves", A droge and summers co-write. There is a soundtrack record on Lakeshore.

Feast of Love

PD and myself had two songs in this film released 2007. "Under the Waves" and a song we wrote for Jaime Wyatt called "Wicked World." There is a soundtrack record for this film which was released on Lakeshore Records.

Men In Trees

The episode "Nice Day for a Dry Wedding: Part 2 " (2007) featured the Droge and Summers' song "Going whichever way the wind blows".


Veronica Mars

The Stephen Ashbrook, Pete Droge, myself co-wrote "White Balloons" and it appeared in the final season of the CW show "Veronica Mars" in 2007.


Grey's Anatomy

Greys featured the pd and es song "under the waves" in season two's finale. They also used it in a clips show before the third season's premiere. 2006/2007.



Pd and ES wrote a song for Jaime Wyatt called "Plans" that landed in this movie which came out in 2005. There is a soundtrack record on Lakeshore Records.

Felicity TV show

PD and ES co-write "Train Love to Stay" from the Droge record "Skywatching" was used in the WB series "Felicity". 2003.

Tatoo (a love story)

Independently released 2002. Pete Droge scored this film and I was executive producer. We also co-wrote the opening song "Doodle All Day" and "Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows."

catching out

PD wrote the original score for this Documentary about modern day train hoppers. I was Exec. Producer on the project. This movie premiered at the Seattle Film Festival in 2002 and is now available on DVD.


Hometown Legend

This 2002 film featured the song "Ice thru my fingers" from my album "Sparkler."

coming soon

My song "The Real Low Down" from the album Transplanting was featured in this film that came out in 1999.


My song "Gone to Stay" from the album Transplanting was in this 1998 film about Pot. This version however is different from the record. I went into the studio with my touring band at the time. There is a soundtrack record for this film which was came out on Will Records.

Beautiful Girls

Pd and Dave Stewart wrote the title track to this movie and Pd along with the sinners recorded it. I sing background vocals on the bridge which the movie studio mixed so loud it's almost humorous. This movie came out in 1996. There is also a soundtrack record from this movie. - See a live video


Stone Cold

What can I say - this movie which came out in 1991 featured a song I co-wrote called "Fatal Kiss." The song was never released on a record but I still to this day get people wanting to find it. I will send you an MP3 of the song - email me about it if you're interested.