Records I'm On


The Droge & Summers Blend, Vol 2

This is the second EP in a series of collaborative vocal records with Pete Droge. Released March 25, 2014.


Beautiful Lie

I'm not actually singing on this song but I co-wrote it with Jaime Wyatt and Pete Droge. It was in the show Nashville on ABC on Jan 22, 2014.


Stone Gossard - Moonlander

Pete Droge and myself sing on the beautiful song "Your Flames" which is one of the songs on the new Stone Gossard record out now 6/25/2013. Available at Pearl Gossard. I also sing on a couple of other tracks and play some tambourine and percussion. Go visit Stone


A lot Like You

The companion music of the Documentary, A lot Like You. A collection of score and song. I was Executive Music Producer for the film and Co-Producer on the Album by Pete Droge. It comes out on May 24, 2011 - the same day the movie makes its World Premiere at Seattle International Film Festival. See the Trailer


The Droge & Summers Blend

Pete Droge and I literally Tied the Knot and this song followed - This is from the new EP "The Droge and Summers Blend - Vol 1" which came out in 2009. You can hear more from this EP at our store Go visit our store


Gary Yerkins-Compass

I helped mix this record with Pete Droge and made sure that Gary's vocals were nice and loud, like they deserved to be. Gary is a Chicago artist that used to be in a band called "The Insiders." I sang on a couple of tracks including the one in the listen button. This self released record is out now. Go visit Gary


Stephen Ashbrook- White Balloons

Stephen Ashbrook is a Portland/Arizona artist who has made several records. This Pete Droge produced 2008 release has two songs that I co-wrote, "White Balloons" and "21 Young". The song "White Balloons" was in the TV Series "Veronica Mars" in 2007. Go visit Stephen


Kim Virant- Songs From a Small House

Kim Virant is a Seattle singer-songstress whom Pete and I have known for years - she came to the Puzzle Tree to record a few songs in 2002 and they later ended up on this 2007 release. I don't actually sing or play on this - but I co-wrote the song "Crystal Clear." Go visit Kim


Pete Droge - Under the Waves

Pete and I shared the producer's seat on his most recent record, "Under the Waves." It is the first time we wrote so many songs together for an album. My co-writes on this include: Under the Waves, Give it all Away, Butterfly, Going Whichever way the Wind Blows, and Into the Sunset. Some of these have been licensed to: Grey's Anatomy, Men in Trees, Toyota, Feast of Love, Bonneville, and Unicef's Tap Project. Aug 2006. Go visit Pete

Jaime Wyatt

Pete was asked by Lakeshore Records to write songs for and with a new artist they had signed. Pete and I wrote a couple of songs "Wicked World" and "Plans" both of which ended up in movies. Lakeshore released a 4 song iTunes only EP of the material she recorded here at the Puzzle Tree. 2006 Go visit Jaime


Pete Droge - Skywatching

This was Pete's first record that he recorded in our home studio. I was credited as second opinion on the record, sang, played percussion and co-wrote the song "Train Love to Stay". This song was used on the TV Show "Felicity." The record came out on "United Musicians" label in 2003. Go visit Pete

Twisted Rico's Coolest Cats

My good friend Steev Riccardo, who signed me to a publishing deal back in the 90's, released this compilation in 2003. He wanted to put together a record of some of the music he had either helped produce, manage or just champion over the years. To learn more about Twisted Rico Visit him here


Alex Woodard- Mile High

San Diego artist Alex Woodard recorded this Pete Droge produced 2004 record. I sang background vocals and played percussion on the title track "Mile High." Go visit Alex


Jerry Joseph-Everything Was Beautiful

I'll have to get back to you on what I sang and played on this record. Jerry Joseph is a Portland musician who has spent more time on the road than at home and has made many records. This record came out in 2000. Go Visit Jerry


Pete Droge - Spacey and Shakin

Spacey and Shakin came out on 57 Records/Epic in 1998. This was a trippy rock record that we really enjoyed making. We got to do things like sing our background vocals backwards and flip the tape to hear them saying the words - this was before pro tools - when you actually flipped tape. I played and sang back up on this one too. Go visit Pete - See a live video


On the Mountain 4

My song "The Real Low Down" went all the way to number 2 on the KMTT chart in 1998. It hung there between Bonnie Raitt and Eric Clapton for quite awhile. I later recorded this acoustic version with a Pete Droge accompaniment. These records are ony sold through the radio station and the profits go to charity.


Pete Droge and the Sinners - Find A Door

The Sinners toured with Pete opening for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Neil Young, Sheryl Crow and others. By the time we recorded this record, we were a tight road band. I played acoustic guitar, percussion and sang back up vocals. It came out on American Records in 1996. Go visit Pete - See a live video


VH1 Crossroads

"If you Don't Love Me" from Pete Droge's debut record appeared on this VH-1 compilation. I sang back-up and played the "hit making" cowbell (I was told long ago that a cowbell would always make a song a hit). This record came out in 1996.


Dumb & Dumber

"If you Don't Love Me" from Pete Droge's debut record was the single for the movie soundtrack. I sang back-up and played the hit making cowbell. This record and movie came out in 1995.


Pete Droge - Necktie Second

This was PD's first major label record on American Records 1994. I played the cowbell on "If you don't love me I'll kill myself" and sang back up on the record. Go visit Pete - See a live video

Sand Rubies

I was asked by the producer to come and sing background vocals on the Sand Rubies record, he was the same producer who did the Blue Aeroplanes record and we met on that session. Anyway, I sang on the song "Santa Maria Street." This record came out in 1993 on Polygram Records. The link here will take you to a youtube video of the song I sang on. Go see the Video


Blue Aeroplanes- Beat Songs

The Blue Aeroplanes met me when I worked at Chrysalis Records - they came to a gig of mine and asked me to sing on their record. I sang on the song "aeroplane blues." This record came out in 1991 on Chrysalis/Ensign. Visit the Blue Aeroplanes


Sara Hickman- Shortstop

Sara came to see me play in LA and asked me to sing on her record. I sang back-up on the song "If We Sent Our Hearts Over Now" and one other that escapes me at the moment. This came out on Elektra Records in 1990. Go visit Sara