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The Droge & Summers Blend, Vol 2

This is the second EP in the series with Pete Droge with collaborative vocals and songs, released March 25, 2014. The song "Wonder" made it into a show called iZombie. I have no idea why Zombie movies like Droge & Summers music, but they seem to. Take or buy it at Go visit the store


The Droge & Summers Blend

This 5 song EP falls under two categories on my website - it's a not exactly a solo record - but it's also not "just" a record I played on. So I'll put the new EP in both locations on my website and you can test drive two of the songs -"Two of the Lucky Ones" from this record was in the movie Zombieland. This record came out in 2009. Take or buy it at Go visit the store



Sparkler was my last solo record that came out in 2000- it was produced by Pete Droge and we used the fabulous Sinners on most of the record. The song "Ice through my Fingers" was featured in a movie called "Hometown Legend".


This is my first full length solo record - I signed a deal with Stone Gossard's Loosegroove Records in 96 and this record came out in 1997. The song "the real low down" was in the movie "Coming Soon" and "Gone to Stay" was in the movie "Homegrown".

So low

This was my first EP that I made in LA in 1992 just before I moved up to Portland.