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Mar 28 17

SOUNDS: After playing a show at the new Vashon Center For The Arts, Pete and I are thinking about playing more shows. We are also on a mission to finish a group of songs and instrumentals that were started over the last few years. I'm pretty sure that a good amount of them will be on a new Pete Droge record- very excited about that. You can buy most of our music through the Puzzle Tree Music store or anywhere digital music is sold. http://www.puzzletreemusic.com/store. Thank you to all the people who have bought the music!

MOSAIC NEWS: I decided to get myself in gear and participate in the Spring Vashon Art Studio Tour. The dates are May 6 & 7th and May 13th & 14th. I will be at Fletcher Studio on the Westside Highway along with four other artists. I will publish the map of the tour soon. I just finished working with my pal Nadine Edelstein on a pizza oven for a client. She and I did the one for La Biondo's Mobile pizza a few years ago and this time we created a sea creature! Stay tuned for photos. IF Thats Not Enough, I will also have some of my work in a garden for the VAA Garden Tour on June 25th, I will also post more on that as it becomes available.

Mr Droge has produced and mixed a record for Moody Little Sister (Portland Duo). A beautiful record. I served in the roll as Exec. Producer on the project - Look for them playing live shows in your town- they are fantastic!

SIGHTS: I've added some live videos of Pete Droge and the Sinners from back in the day in the music section of this site. We are slowly transferring a lot of the VSH video to digital and its fun to see them after all these years.